We are a hedgehog breeder located in Flippin, Arkansas (about 3 hours from Little Rock and 2.5 hours from Bentonville).

It is our mission to ensure that our hedgehogs are happy and well-tempered. Each one of our prickly friends lives in a large cage equipped with a 14" silent running wheel (made by us), igloo, toys for their entertainment, water bottle and food dish. We handle each one of our hedgehogs daily and consider this interaction a top priority. Our cages are kept clean and our hedgehogs are well groomed. They are given baths as needed and have their nails trimmed regularly. We take pride in keeping them free of disease, parasites, and mites.

We have a dedicated hedgehog room that is kept warm, has the appropriate space, and meets all their needs. Our herd is examined on-site at least once a year by our veterinarian. They are also treated by a veterinarian at their office whenever necessary.