Our policies are outlined here. We are happy to clarify and answer any questions or doubts you may have. Contact us at info@pokeymomshedgehogs.com with any questions.

Terms & Conditions

Breeding & Pedigrees

Unless sold to a USDA licensed or otherwise approved-by-us breeder, our hedgehogs are sold as pets only and breeding is prohibited. Hedgehogs are quite difficult to breed; they require a specific set of conditions to be successful and, even then, death of some or all the babies and/or mother is a very real possibility. Too many inexperienced breeders cause serious harm or even death to their pet by trying to breed them. It's just not worth it. Pedigrees will be provided to approved breeders but will not be released to pet only adoptions.


Hedgehog prices range from $200.00 to $300.00 depending on colors and markings. Occasionally, we have older hedgehogs available for adoption. The full purchase price of the hedgehog must be received prior to or at the time of your scheduled pick up. Your deposit counts toward the purchase price of your hedgehog. We accept cash payments, debit or credit cards, and payments through PayPal. No checks are accepted.


We, like you, hate high pressure "buy-it-now-before-its-gone" sales tactics, and by no means do we want you to rush into any decisions, especially one that involves one of our beloved hedgies. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of any hedgehog without a deposit; we receive deposits to reserve available babies very quickly. We encourage you to place a deposit if you would like to reserve an available baby.

Pick Up

The "ready to go home" dates listed with the available hedgehogs are when the baby is 7 weeks old and estimated to be fully weaned and ready to go to his or her forever home. If we determine that your reserved hedgehog needs to stay with the mother for extra weaning time, you will be promptly notified. We understand that you may be unable to pick up your hedgehog within the required time frame. If the hedgehog has been fully paid for in advance, we are willing to extend the date for your scheduled pick up one more week. After that time, the hedgehog will be offered as available to others and the purchase price applied towards a future hedgehog.

Any hedgehog not paid-in-full and not picked up at the scheduled time without advance notice will be deemed unwanted and will be offered as available to others and the deposit will be forfeited. Advance notice to reschedule or cancel a pick up must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. Only then can the deposit be used to retain the hedgehog for pick up at a later date or be used to purchase another hedgehog at a future time. If a second hedgehog is reserved and the pick up is again canceled, the deposit and any payments made will be forfeited. Another hedgehog must be purchased within 12 months of the date of the deposit or the deposit and any payments made will be forfeited.


Due to significant health risks and logistics, we no longer offer air shipping via any airline. However, we offer ground shipping via a USDA licensed ground transport to most states where hedgehogs are legal. Please note that hedgehogs are illegal in some states and/or municipalities. Click here for details. We will not ship to anyone living in illegal-to-own areas.

Costs can vary depending on location. The typical cost of shipping is approximately $200.00, which includes the shipping container, bedding (with heat packs if necessary), food, water, our transportation, and the cost charged by the transporter. It is possible to combine several hedgehogs into one container, depending on age and gender. Contact us if you would like to discuss combined shipping. Sometimes we have other hedgehogs being shipped to the same general area and we can discuss a discount for combined shipping. If a veterinary health certificate is necessary or desired, please inform us at least 7 days before the scheduled delivery. There will be an additional charge of $60.00 per hedgehog for veterinary health certificates.

Color & Quilling

Color is not guaranteed to remain the same, as hedgehogs can change in colors during quilling, sometimes significantly. Though uncommon, we have had hedgehogs which were quite dark before quilling become very light when their "adult" quills came in. A hedgehog will go through several "quillings" in its lifetime. Quilling is when their smaller quills fall out and are replaced by larger quills. Quilling is similar to a human child losing their baby teeth and having adult teeth come in. During the quilling time, hedgehogs can become cranky, huff and pop when they never did before, and sometimes just be downright unpleasant. Despite this, they still need to be handled during this time so they can recognize your smell and continue to bond with you.

Health Warranty

We can provide a certificate of heath from our veterinarian for an additional $60.00. We check our pedigrees for inbreeding, history of WHS, and genetic compatibility. We only breed appropriate pairs of hedgehogs, giving us, and you, the least chance of genetic disease. Despite all our efforts, diseases can spontaneously develop. For example, even though your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents never had cancer, it is (sadly) possible you may suffer from cancer. Hedgehogs are no different.

All of our hedgehogs come with a health warranty, which includes:

Please understand that this warranty does not cover things like mite infestations, upper respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, etc., unless, during the initial visit with a licensed veterinarian, it is determined that the hedgehog had said infestation or infection at the time of sale. If it is determined that the hedgehog was sold with an infestation or infection, Pokey Moms will cover the reasonable cost to treat the infestation or infection.

To obtain a replacement hedgehog under the health warranty, the buyer must provide a necropsy report from a licensed veterinarian if the hedgehog has died, or a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian detailing the cancer and/or congenital defect. There must be medical proof of a problem (x-ray, blood test, etc); the warranty will not be honored based upon assumption. All claims will be verified with the licensed veterinarian issuing the determination. All veterinary costs, medicine costs, cremation costs, necropsy report costs, or any other associated costs are the responsibility of the buyer. The health warranty does not cover these costs, nor does it entitle the buyer to a refund of purchase price of the hedgehog and/or any accessories. The health warranty entitles the original purchaser to a replacement hedgehog of their choice of equal or lesser value.

Refusal to Sell & Resale

Pokey Moms reserves the right to refuse a sale for any reason, at any time, and on any animal, up until the time the Bill of Sale/Transfer is signed. Pokey Moms also reserves the right to retain any reserved animal for any reason. If we choose to cancel a sale or reservation, any deposit and payments paid will be refunded. As stated above, if the buyer chooses to cancel a sale, deposits are non-refundable. Typically cancellations are done if we suspect the purchaser of a pet only hedgehog will violate our breeding policy, if we discover the purchaser is under 18 years old and/or does not have parental permission to acquire a pet, or we feel that the buyer is otherwise being dishonest or disingenious with us.

In the event the buyer chooses to sell a Pokey Moms bred hedgehog in the future, Pokey Moms requests first right of refusal.

All sales are final.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

Placing a deposit to reserve and/or purchasing a hedgehog from us implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.